A Cup of Butter Coffee (Kopi Gu You) in Heap Seng Leong

Name : Heap Seng Leong Kopittium

Opening Hours :  4 AM to 7 PM

Address : Block 10 North Bridge Road, #01-5109 Singapore – 190010


The Coffee Shop which disproves many theories of modern marketing. As i step into Heap Seng Leong I feel like I have been transported back in time to 1950. The red color plastic chairs are the one and only “new” things in the Coffee Shop.In the counter many plastic
containers that stored different types of old school snacks.


The master’s workstation


80 Years old uncle who wears white vest(“Baniyan”) and pocket less long pajama pant running the coffee shop with his son.They started the coffee shop by early  50s. Still they are using Charcoal to prepare coffee and Toasts. Antique wooden abacus for calculating the bill.


Using Charcoal to prepare Coffee


Wooden Abacus(Uncle’s Calculator)
Uncle making butter coffee


I ordered their signature “Kopi Gu You” (Butter Coffee), The old uncle prepared and served the coffee, The piece of butter has added creaminess to the coffee to improve the flavors. Pocket less pajama uncle served me a pocket friendly price of Coffee.The famous uncle shop Featured in New York Times.


Butter Coffee


Must Try : Butter Coffee(Kopi Gu You) and Kaya Toast

Tip :

In Singapore Ordering a Coffee can be a Complicated affair. Here Some Tips.

Kopi + following Terminologies

Gau – Strong

Kosong – No Sugar, No Milk

Siew Dai – Reduced Sugar

Peng – Iced

Gah Dai – Extra Condensed Milk

Po – Weaker or Thinner Coffee (more water)

C – With evaporated milk instead of condensed milk

In Example

You want order

“Kopi Gau” for strong Coffee

“Kopi C” for coffee with evaporated milk

Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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