Bamboo Puttu stall – Singapore

Bamboo Puttu stall 

Shop Name : No Sign Board

Opening Hours : 12:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Address : Stall No. 2
Trengganu Street
China Town
Singapore 058471

Puttu has its roots in Tamil Nadu, South India. Its also very popular dish in Srilanka, Sumatra region in Indonesia , Malaysia and obviously in Singapore. In South East Asia the dish called as “Puttu Mayang” and is usually eaten with palm sugar mixed with coconut milk. Mayang means “grated coconut kernel.


Many Indonesian Malay people selling the “Puttu” as a street food in market stalls in Singapore. They use stainless steel mould for making puttu. The only place i saw in Singapore the puttu prepared in a traditional way. They are making puttu using “hollow bamboo mould” instead of stainless mould. I was so excited to see bamboo puttu in Singapore. The stall has no name. They had been doing this for last 2 decades.


I tasted Bamboo Puttu for the first time in Singapore at China Town, and its heavenly and tempting aroma caught my mind. I can feel its taste at the tip of my tongue. The natural flavor of Bamboo, Coconut, Rice flour and palm sugar to give such a “divine taste”.

Must Try : Bamboo Puttu

Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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