Bismillah biryani

Bismillah Biryani – Singapore

Bismillah Biryani

Shop Name : Bismillah Biryani

Opening Hours : Opens: 1130am – 3pm, 530pm -10pm (closed on Tuesday)

Address : 50 Dunlop St, Little India, Singapore
Tel: +65 9382 7937

East or west Biryani is Best. The top famous biryani in Singapore. It looks like very normal place. Sign Board reminds me of Puthur Jayaram(Hand written). There were only limited seats and it was almost full. We managed to get a seat. The meat is well marinated with herbs and spices and the flavour permeated to the biryani rice, which made it tasty. The meat is so tender. It pulls apart easily. Arif, the owner and chef of the restaurant, he is very much passion about cooking and food. He personally choose the basmathi rice and meat. The color and taste of the Biryani is delicious. Totally mouthwatering and finger licking taste.

Must Try : Mutton Dum Biryani, The Shami kebab was also excellent, Peshwari kulfi and Mango Lassi

Tip : A good Basmathi rice needs to be aged for 2 years in order for the rice to dry properly(So far, I thought its only applicable for wine and whisky).

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