Dosa making machine

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The most innovative products of recent times in the food segment, the world’s first fully automatic table top Dosa machine — The DosaMatic. DosaMatic is your magical and personal Dosa making Robot that is as easy to operate as 123.
Just the click of a button and the machine magically —

1- pours then spreads the batter to your desired thickness,
2- cooks and roasts the Dosa to your desired colour,
3- folds the Dosas for you ready to be served.


The machine is:-
User Friendly
One Touch Run
High performance
Password Protected
Dosa Custamization (size, color, thickness, roast, amount of oil)
Any dosa, any size, any thickness is possible
3 KV/220V/single Phase
Can run for 12 hours continuously ( a 15 min maintanence cycle needs to be run post that)

Dimensions 27x29Inches
Hieght 15 Inches
Weight 60 KG