Hand made snacks at Pan Ji cooked food – Singapore

Shop Name : Pan Ji Cooked Food

Opening Hours : 9:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Address : Pan Ji Cooked Food , #02-78, Chinatown Complex Market,
Blk 335 Smith Street, 050335, Chinatown.

This is the last and only shop in Singapore we can get 100 percent handmade snacks.Three varieties of snacks (Honey crackers, Honey Twist, Sesame Egg
Split) were made here. A honey cracker is their signature snack.

Honey Crackers is a traditional Chinese snack. This snack is deliciously chewy and sweet with crisp surface.

A 60 Years old and single hand (deformed) owing Mr Pan started making a honey cracker at the age of 14. Making honey crackers by hand is a cumbersome procedure; The whole process of making honey crackers takes about 9 hours. He is a bachelor, there is no one to take over after him., probably if they were to give up their stall one day, the younger generation aren’t willing to learn the ropes from him and continue this tradition, Our next generation have to eat only machine made honey crackers.




I tasted their honey crackers,It smells heavenly with malt sugar-coated crispy, spongy inside. If you are in Singapore you must try their signature handmade honey crackers before it might disappear.


“Vanishing Trade, Mr.Pan is probably the last man standing. The Government should preserve such an important heritage.”

Must Try : Honey Crackers

Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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