Islamic Restaurant Since 1921 – Singapore

Islamic Restaurant

Shop Name : Islamic Restaurant

Opening Hours : 10:00AM to 10:00PM

Address : 745 North Bridge Road Singapore-198713


When I stepped into Islamic Restaurant I spotted the dining room is decorated with many celebrity photos like Singapore founding father MR. Lee Kuvan Yew, Current Prime minister Lee hesin loong, Former president SR Nathan, and of course AR Rahman, Singer Hariharan who tasted their biriyani.






Third Generation owner and dynamic grandson Mr. Kalil, a very simple and humble guy told me:

Third Generation owners Mr.Kalil and his Sister



Mr M. Abdul Rahiman who came all the way from Enangudi Viilage in Nagapattinam Dt.He was Master chef of the Alsagoff family (Wealthy Arab Traders) during those times and had served the family many a delicious dish. One of the dished well loved by the family was the famous Nasi Beryani, a dish of Turkish-Indian origin (Turkish and Indian fusion), where saffron rice is cooked together with traditional herbs and seasoned meat in large cooking pots. He set up the first Islamic Restaurant in 1921 in North Bridge Road.
Through the years, its popularity spread far and wide, attracting not just the man on the street, but many well known clients who kept coming back for this delicious treat. Regular patrons of this famous restaurant include Singapore’s First President, the late Encik Yusoff Ishak, Former President S.R Nathan . And if you are lucky you may even catch state limousines packing the glorious fare for royalties which include the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan of Johor, Sultan of Perak, Sultan of Perlis and lately, even the now Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Najib Razak. Well, isn’t that truly a meal fit for the king. The authentic recipe of the Islamic Nasi Beryani is a well kept family secret and the tradition. Now, the tradition of great food lives on, even after 95 years.




He also told me some interesting things,

“One day he got a call around 3 AM from royal celebrity of neighborhood country, they ordered 3 packets of Nasi Beryani, They delivered the Nasi Beryani in a private jet”
I Ordered mutton Nasi Beryani and prawn Beryani, both are awesome taste. Regulars swear by the mutton Beryani which is so tender it melts in your mouth. Now I came to know why the English Governors, lawmakers, Celebrities are liked. .

Tip : Mr. Kalil said, Temperature and time is the key factor for making briyani.

Must Try : Mutton Nasi Beryani

Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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