Karbagambal Kabali Inipagam – Chennai

Karbagambal Kabali Inipagam Mylapore Chennai

Name : Karbagambal Kabali Inipagam

Opening Hours : 11 AM to 7 PM

Address : No 13, Mathala Narayanan Street, Mylapore – 600 004

Karbagambal Kabali Inipagam is one of the legendary shops in Mylapore. It located in very Narrow Street called Mathala Narayanan Street.
All Snacks are prepared freshly, Every one hour the new snacks comes from the kitchen. All the snacks are crispy and fresh.
I got bored of Ghee Sweets, Especilaly Mysorepa, Here we can get actual Tamil Nadu old style Mysore Pak and authentic sweets.

Must Try : Tiny Onion Samosa, Pakoda and other snacks

Tip : Tiny and Crispy Onion Samosa avilable from 3:20 PM(Don’t Miss it)

Lohanathan Balakrishnan