Mutton Bone marrow from founders

Shop Name : Haji Kadir & M Baharudeen
Stall B1-15,
Golden Mile Food Centre,
Singapore 199583
Opening hours:12:30PM to 1:30AM

Alternate Wednesdays

Mutton bone marrow curry(Sup Tulang) is a dish consisting of mutton bones in a spicy and semi sweet red soup of mutton, tomatoes, ginger chilies and spices. The dish also called as bone marrow soup. Creamy and aromatic, the mutton bone marrow soup is a dish usually served with bread loafs. The marrow is sucked out directly from the bone using is deftly knocked out.


Haji Kadir Sup Tulang claims to invent the dish. It is originated by Abdul Kadir in the 1950. Still they follow closely to their founder’s recipe. It was first sold at his popular Hajji Kadir stall at Golden Mile Food Centre. Most of the food magazines even elected them as the Best Soup Tulang in Singapore.


The meat around the bone was so soft and aromatic. The Interior bone marrow was tender and smooth. Unlike a lot of places, extremely tasty and addictive. The juicy tender bone marrow are so smooth, you risk it slipping down your throat, if you are not careful.
The texture is unctuous, almost similar to a soft scrambled egg with the melt in the mouth. The attractive fiery-red color makes you wanted more. The price is reasonable.


Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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