No Name Teh Tarik (Tea) Stall Since 1956

“No Name Teh Sarabat” since 1956

No Name Teh Sarabat Stall,
21, Baghdad Street,
Singapore – 199661
(Opp Kampong Glam Cafe on Baghdad Street)
Hours: 6.30am to 12am (midnight)

Teh tarik, Its a combination of black tea and condensed milk.”Teh Tarik” means pulled tea in malay. “Tariking” (the process of ‘pulling’ tea from one cup to another) The origin can be traced to Indian-Muslim immigrants in Malaysia who set up the sarbat stalls at the entrance of rubber plantations to serve the workers.

The Tea Stall didn’t have a name board for many years, still don’t have. No sign boards; extremely difficult to locate. One of the oldest surviving Teh Sarabat stall, and established in 1956. So you can just pull up a chair, sit down to have a drink while watching the world go by.


I am addicted to teh tarik and always have it whenever I’m in Baghdad Street .Their teh tarik is the best one i have ever tried. Teh tarik was obviously hot but more than that it was tasty and refreshing in its taste. Nice amount of Tea with exact quantity of condensed milk made it delicious to have.


Chicken Samosa and fish cutlet to accompany these Tea, The mutton samosa was perfect and extremely delicious. Nobody can beat their taste. Recommended place to have your Teh Tarik and samosas.


Easy on the pocket in the midst of much expensive places in Singapore.

Lohanathan Balakrishnan

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